Aluminium PanASPHALT CENTRIFUGAL EXTRACTOR (or asphalt ratio)



Asphalt Centrifugal Extractor

The instrument is mainly used for the detection of asphalt mixture gradation and asphalt content by road traffic engineering departments and relevant universities and colleges, scientific research and teaching departments. It is a fast testing equipment that separates the asphalt from the asphalt mixture by the centrifugal force of the equipment rotating at a high speed. Compared with the traditional distillation method, the efficiency is increased 10 times. It is most suitable for the construction supervision of road engineering and the on-site rapid inspection of asphalt mixture manufacturers.

The instrument adopts stepless speed regulation, has the advantages of fast separation speed, simple detection process, energy saving, stable performance, light weight, small size, spring shock absorption, low noise and low vibration.


  • The bulk density of the bowl : 3000g, power 250w
  • Voltage : 220v
  • Rotation speed : 1300 - 3600r/min
  • Pot inner diameter : 280mm.
  • Dimensions : (l)600mm. (w)440mm. (h)620mm.
  • Machine weight : 100 kg.

The instrument is mainly composed of a base, a motor, a rotating bowl, a collector, a frequency conversion speed regulation, and a braking device. When working, the motor directly drives the bowl to rotate to generate centrifugal force. The asphalt solution dissolved in the solvent in the bowl is thrown out through the filter paper, and the asphalt is separated from the mineral material to determine the asphalt content.


MD-AS509 Asphalt Centrifugal Extractor.

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