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Brookfield Viscometer

  • The instrument adopts the advanced mechanical design technologies and manufacturing techniques, and uses microcomputer technologies for temperature control, data collection and data process. The display is a background light, ultra-brighten LCD. It is also equipped with a micro-printer for printing. The test data can be shown on the LCD in real time or printed out through the printer. It can also connect to a computer through the RS232 communication port. The instrument has characteristics of high measurement sensitivity, reliable measurement data, convenience, and good looking. It can be widely used to determine viscosity of asphalt, hot melt adhesive, paraffin, high polymer, and various fluids.


Measurement range : 100 mPa•s - 2×105 mPa•s

(If you select the No.30 spindle,

the measurement range can be

extended to 4×105 mPa•s)

Spindle : No.21, 27, 28 and 29

total 4 pieces of spindles

(the No.30 spindle is optional)

Rotation speed : 5RPM, 10 RPM, 20 RPM, and 50 RPM

Measurement error : ±2% (F•S); (If you select the No.30

spindle, it will be ±3% (F•S)

Temperature range : 45 ℃ - 200 ℃

Temperature accuracy : ±0.1 ℃

Sample cylinder : 20 ml

Power supply : AC 220V ± 10%, 50 Hz

Ambient temperature : 5 ℃ - 35 ℃ (when the controlling

temperature is close to ambient

temperature, please run the air

conditioner to let the ambient

temperature be 5 ℃ lower than

the controlling temperature)

Relative humidity : ≤80%


  • MD-AS503 Brookfield Viscometer

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